What is a difference Between Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology that allows devices to connect to one another wirelessly. Bluetooth is the best option for low-power, short-range connections.

In this article, we will understand what is a Difference between the Bluetooth Transmitter and Bluetooth Receiver.

Bluetooth has been around since the 1980s and is now used in everything from laptops and cell phones to fitness trackers and hearing aids.

There are two types of Bluetooth devices: Bluetooth transmitter and Bluetooth receiver.

The Bluetooth transmitter connects to the receiver with a wire. The receiver then converts the signal into sound or some other form of information.

Chances are that you are habitual with Bluetooth. You might have used it for pairing your favorite program on TV with your headphones or connecting your smartphone to the car’s speaker

Almost every reader has used Bluetooth at least once in their life Don’t you? Bluetooth is an elementary technology that allows you to exchange data between paired devices in the short-range.

You can share any type of music, video, and other information between paired devices via Bluetooth technology. However, many people remain confused between the Bluetooth Transmitter and Bluetooth Receiver.

Both these terms are a little puzzling. We understand that However, you shouldn’t be worried because we will explain the difference straightforwardly and clearly now!

Bluetooth transmitters and receivers serve distinct purposes in wireless audio communication:

  1. Bluetooth Transmitter:
    • Function: Sends audio signals wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled receivers, like headphones or speakers
    • Use Cases: Ideal for TVs, non-Bluetooth audio sources; allows them to transmit audio to Bluetooth devices.
    • Example: Used with televisions to stream audio to Bluetooth headphones
  2. Bluetooth Receiver:
    • Function: Receives wireless audio signals from Bluetooth transmitters or devices.
    • Use Cases: Useful for non-Bluetooth audio systems; improves audio quality of wired headsets by making them wireless
    • Example: Connects to traditional speakers, transforming them into Bluetooth-enabled speakers

Here, we will see the key differences between the Bluetooth transmitter and receivers. Besides, we will also tell you how to use transmitters for TV, cars, computers, and other devices later on.

What is a Bluetooth Transmitter?

A Bluetooth Transmitter is a device that allows you to transmit data such as audio, images, videos, etc., from one device to another. Hence, it will enable you to connect a wide range of devices to the host device and transmit your data quickly.

All you need is to pair your device with another device having a Bluetooth receiver. Whenever you let the host device transfer information, the transmitter will send the signals, and the receiver device will catch it for your ease.

Keeping in view its functionality and importance, many mobiles, computers, Tablets, TV and other gadgets have a built-in transmitter. However, if your device doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can buy a Bluetooth transmitter from the market, and integrate it with your non-Bluetooth now for easy sharing of data.

What is a Bluetooth Transmitter Used for?

Bluetooth transmitters are very useful, and you can use them in thousands of applications in everyday life. Let us see a few uses of Bluetooth transmitters now!

  • Wireless Speakers, mouse and keyboards are very common nowadays. Bluetooth transmitters are used to communicate the data between computers and these devices. Likewise, you can also use Bluetooth transmitters for connecting other nearby devices, such as wireless printers, headphones, etc.
  • Wireless transmitters are very common in home accessories nowadays. It allows you to control the thermostats, lights, fans, TV, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, and other appliances in the home from the central location—your smartphone in most cases. You give the command to the main unit, and it transmits data to the relevant device utilizing the Bluetooth transmitters.
  • Bluetooth transmitters are very common in consumer electronics, where they allow you to share information between two devices. Therefore, if you want to send pictures from your camera or phone to other smartphones, you can do it easily via Bluetooth. Even if you have a non-Bluetooth device, you can buy one transmitter from the market for easy data sharing.
  • Bluetooth transmitters for TVare very famous in the present era. Mostly TV is non-Bluetooth devices and disturbs the entire house with its loud sound even if you are using it alone. Therefore, many people purchase Bluetooth transmitters for TV nowadays to connect the audio directly to their headphones via Bluetooth for others’ ease.

What is the Bluetooth Receiver?

Bluetooth Receivers are just the opposite of Bluetooth transmitters. They allow you to connect the non-Bluetooth-enabled device to your computer, smartphone, TV, or anything else you are using for transmitting the data.

The receivers catch the data transmitted by the host device, encode it and use it effectively according to its configuration.

For example, you are transmitting data from your mobile to control the house lighting. Suppose you want to close your kitchen lights.

Whenever you send the off signal, the receiver will receive the data, interpret it, and off the lights as per your instructions.

Similarly, if you are using the Bluetooth receiver with your speaker, it will receive the audio signals and stream them on the speakers.

How Does a Bluetooth Transmitter Work?

FM Bluetooth transmitters work on the core frequency modulation technology. They encode the transmitted signal from the host device into the FM signals.

After that, the transmitted signals are sent to the Bluetooth Receivers using the Radio waves or other carrier signals. Built-in antennas inside the transmitters help transmit the signals.

The receiver device, like your speaker or TV, receives these modulated signals. Then, the receivers demodulate the signals via different techniques to get the desired signal. Once your speaker or TV extracts the desired signal, they can easily use the information for various purposes.

What is a Difference between Bluetooth Transmitters and Receivers?

We have already discussed the Bluetooth receivers and Transmitters above. We are hopeful that you are aware of the primary purposes and uses of these devices clearly by now.

Let us see  the difference between Bluetooth transmitter vs. receiver in the tabulated form to clear your concepts further!

Bluetooth Transmitters Bluetooth Receivers
Bluetooth transmitters are used to send the information from the non-Bluetooth device to the Bluetooth-enabled devices. Bluetooth Receivers are integrated into Non-Bluetooth devices to receive data coming from the Bluetooth-enabled device.
They modulate the signals so that radio signals and other carriers can easily transmit the message signal in the air or other mediums. They receive the modulated message signals and demodulate them to get the desired information.
The Devices that have built-in Bluetooth transmitters are mobiles, laptops, PC, etc. Most headphones, speakers, printers, and other gadgets come with built-in Bluetooth receivers these days.
You can integrate Bluetooth Transmitters in your TV, home accessories, cars, and other things for efficient data transmission. You can embed Bluetooth receivers in devices like printers, car stereos, and other devices to stream the signal.

What is a Bluetooth Adapter?

Do you know about Bluetooth adapters and their role in Bluetooth communication? No, you don’t. Let us see Bluetooth adapters now!

Bluetooth adapters are USB-based devices that allow you to transmit and receive wireless signals in Bluetooth technology.

You plug these adapters into your computers’ USB ports. These adapters will automatically match the frequency of receivers and source devices for efficient communication.

You still don’t know about adapters. Let me tell you. You might be reading this blog on your PC and scrolling up and down using your wireless mouse.

If yes, you might have inserted a USB device into your PC, as shown in the figure below. That is the Bluetooth adapter.

Figure 1 Bluetooth-Adapters-Transmitter-Receiver

Difference between the Bluetooth Transmitter and Bluetooth Receiver

These adapters, also known as Bluetooth dongles, are very smart and inexpensive. You can easily connect them to your computers to communicate with non-Bluetooth devices easily.

Buy an adapter now and share information with wireless keyboards, mouse and many other devices easily. Besides, you can also share files with non-Bluetooth devices via these adapters quickly!

What is a Bluetooth Transmitter for a Car?

Bluetooth transmitters are very important for cars as they assist you to stream music on car speakers. Besides, you can also attend a call using Bluetooth transmitters in cars without even holding a mobile phone.

It allows you to take important calls without losing focus on driving, as you can connect the entire audio system of your car to your smartphone via these transmitters.

You should follow the steps to connect your car audio with your mobile phones now!

  • First, you should find a Bluetooth FM transmitter compatible with your car’s audio system.
  • Then, you should plug the transmitter in your car, turn it on and pair it with your android phone, iPhone, or iPad.
  • After that, you should tune your car’s transmitter with an empty FM channel. Otherwise, the channel voice will interfere with the original audio and disturb the overall sound flow.
  • Tune your mobile to the same empty FM channel, and you are done. Congratulations! Your car audio is now connected to your smartphone.

What is a Bluetooth Transmitter for TV?

We have already discussed the importance of Bluetooth Transmitter for TV above in the uses section. It’s time to choose the best Bluetooth transmitter for your TV and the ways to connect it with your speakers, headphones, and other gadgets.

First, you should check the audio transmission of your TV. The reason is that some TV only supports 3.5mm audio outputs. Therefore, you should always buy a Bluetooth transmitter compatible with your TV.

Secondly, you should also check the range of the Bluetooth transmitter. For example, if you wish to listen to songs on TV sitting on your sofa 10 meters apart, you should buy a transmitter covering such a range. Otherwise, you’ll receive distorted signals.

How do I Use Bluetooth Audio Transmitter?

To Connect Bluetooth Transmitter to your TV, you should follow the following steps!

  • Connect your Bluetooth device to the Power source and turn it on. However, if your transmitters operate on a battery, you don’t bother to connect them with the power source.
  • Connect your Bluetooth transmitter to your TV’s audio output.
  • Pair the transmitter with your Bluetooth-enabled device and listen to the audio now!

How to Make a Non-Bluetooth TV Bluetooth?

Your TV doesn’t have Bluetooth—that’s not a big problem. Simply buy a Bluetooth transmitter now using the advice given in the above section. After that, connect your TV to Bluetooth enable device following steps given in the very above section. Your simple TV is Bluetooth TV now!

How to connect Bluetooth mouse to laptop without a Bluetooth receiver?

The laptop generally has an inbuilt Bluetooth receiver that installs the driver of a Bluetooth mouse or any wireless device no matter you connect any brand’s wireless mouse to the laptop.

Laptops Bluetooth software helps the wireless mouse to install the driver to enable the device to work with the laptop but if you are using an old laptop then you got to use a receiver for connecting the wireless device.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to connect your Bluetooth wireless device:-

  1. Turn on your laptop
  2. Connect the wireless mouse USB to the laptop
  3. Go to Settings and enable Bluetooth to start installing drivers.
  4. Your wireless mouse will be connected.

Most of the Bluetooth mouse brands are just like plug n play. The moment you insert it into your laptop. It will quickly start working but just ensure your Bluetooth receiver in the laptop is on


In summary, a Bluetooth transmitter sends audio wirelessly, while a receiver accepts and plays the transmitted audio, enhancing versatility in audio setups.








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