How to Earn Through Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing promotional techniques in the digital marketing world. In this article, we will cover the complete guide on How to Earn Through Flipkart Affiliate Program.

Almost 81% of the brands and stores use affiliate links to promote their product. And why don’t brands do so? They are getting organic traffic to their stores with the minimum investment. In return, marketers get a fixed percentage of the sales if someone goes to these stores from their affiliate link and purchases something.

When we talk about earning money through affiliate programs in India, how can you ignore India’s most extensive affiliate program—the Flipkart affiliate program. It allows you to earn commission by placing affiliate links or product banners on your website or blog. If a user comes to from your referenced link and purchases anything, you’ll earn up to 18% commission. That’s super amazing—much more than regular affiliate programs available in the market presently.

Keep reading the article, and we will tell you about Flipkart affiliate registration, login, and affiliate link generation. Besides, we will also discuss the commission on different products category-wise and the ways to promote affiliate links online. It will be a very comprehensive guide and will clear all your queries about the Flipkart affiliate program here.

What is Flipkart?

Flipkart is India’s largest retail store, where you can find thousands of products ranging from clothing to electronics, beauty products, books, and much more. Started by two former Amazon employees Sanchin Bansal and Binny Bansal, in 2007, it has become a powerful rival of Amazon India by now.

American Business Titan, Walmart, acquired its 77% share for 16 billion on May 9, 2021. You know the best part about this news. It is the largest ever e-commerce acquisition in history.

The market value shows its trust among the citizens. Therefore, it is worth attaching yourself with Flipkart via a direct store or affiliate programs to earn a massive profit in 2021.

What is Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Flipkart affiliate program is the highest-paying affiliate program in India. It allows you to earn commission by inserting banners and links on your website, referring to The most exciting thing about this affiliate program is that you can get up to 18% commission on every sale. This is much more than any other affiliate program in the market.

To earn commission via the Flipkart affiliate program, you should urge users to go to and make a purchase. For this purpose, you have to generate high-quality content that motivates readers to buy the product. If you successfully push the audience to with your content, you can earn a huge commission.

However, you’ll get a commission only if the following condition is met. The condition is that customers landing on Flipkart through your referred link must add a product to the shopping cart, between single sessions. 

Do you want to know when a single session ends? If yes, read this paragraph. According to Flipkart, the session starts when someone lands on its website and ends on the following conditions.

  • The referred customer places an order on Flipkart.
  • The user doesn’t buy or cart a product in the first 30 minutes.
  • Go to another page of Flipkart by clicking on the associated tags.

Note! You’ll get the commission after the order payment, processing, and shipping. The reason is that some customers return the things after shipping due to several reasons. In that case, you wouldn’t get any commission.

How to Register for Flipkart Affiliate Program?

So, you are impressed with the Flipkart affiliate program and want to register yourself as a Flipkart Affiliate. Don’t you? Here, we will guide you step-by-step about Flipkart affiliate registration. But wait! First, we will discuss whether you are eligible for Flipkart Affiliate or not.

Any person who owns a website or blog is eligible for the Flipkart affiliate program. However, you should have a good amount of visitors to earn a handsome amount from affiliate programs. In our opinion, if you have at least 500 unique visitors on your site regularly, you can go for the affiliate program.

Let us see how you can make your Flipkart affiliate account now.

First, you should register yourself on Flipkart by clicking the button shown in the image below and entering the required details. Once you get the approval, you can advertise their product ads on your blog or site.

Figure 1 How-to-register-on-flipkart

How to Earn Through Flipkart Affiliate Program in 2021?

Affiliate programs are very flexible and allow you to select your favorite for advertisement. Therefore, you should visit Flipkart and choose the best products according to your Niche for advertising. However, you should take care of search volume and other factors before advertising a product.

Another exciting thing is that you can link your website to Flipkart using images, banners, buttons, and other media sources discussed below. Indeed, you can use any method to embed links for getting a high click-through rate. We will discuss the best ways to utilize affiliate links later on in the article.

How to generate an affiliate link for the product?

After registering yourself for the Flipkart affiliate program, many people face difficulty generating affiliate links for the products. If you are also facing this link-generating problem, then you are at the right place. Because we are going to solve your problem now!

  • Go to Flipkart. com now and find the product you want to promote on your website.
  • After that, you should visit your Flipkart affiliate account. Here, you’ll find an option for the Flipkart affiliate link generator tool. Paste the Product URL (copied in the previous step) here. It will provide you with an affiliate link.
  • Write content on your website and use this generated link to earn commission now!

What is the Commission on Flipkart product Category Wise?

Flipkart offers different commissions on different products. Therefore, you should always choose the Niche having the most commission and the most visitors. If you select any product with high competition and low sales commission, you won’t get much profit in the end.

The commission for different products keeps on changing with time. You can check the latest Flipkart affiliate commission rates in the image below. However, you should follow this link to get the newest commission details from the official website.

Figure 2 Flipkart-affiliate-commission-rates-2021

How to Earn Through Flipkart Affiliate Program in 2021?

How to Promote Affiliates Link?

Let us move to the most crucial section of this topic—the best ways to use your affiliate links for high click-through rates and sales. According to ZDNet, affiliate links generate more sales than any other marketing technique if used properly. Therefore, you should know the perfect ways to place an affiliate link to earn a hefty commission now!

You know the best part that Flipkart offers many handy tools to affiliates for the better promotion of products. First, we will discuss these Flipkart promotion tools for your affiliate link strategy. After that, we will discuss other productive ways to use affiliate links efficiently for more sales.

Flipkart Tools for Affiliate Product Promotion:

1.    Push Content Widget

Push content widget is a remarkable tool that places dynamic ads on your affiliate site. It has shown satisfactory results for affiliates in the past. To allow this widget, you should replicate the ad code on your website.

2.    Promotion Widgets

If you have a promoting ad on your site, you should try promotional widgets. This widget shows featured deals, bestseller products, and related products to your readers for promotional purposes.

3.    Bookmarklet Widget

A very beneficial tool prevents you from the hassle of generating an affiliate link for every product by signing in to your affiliate account. All you have to do is create a button named ‘Flipkart Affiliate Bookmarklet’ and drag it to your browser’s bookmark bar.

4.    Search Tool

This is our favorite tool due to several reasons. This dynamic tool allows the users to search different products on Flipkart without leaving your website. In return, the user will always land on the product he/she liked. Consequently, it will not destroy your session by searching inside the Flipkart store (you can check the session details above in ‘What is the Flipkart Affiliate Program’ Section).

5.    Promotional Banner

Flipkart allows you to embed promotional banners on your site to get users’ attention and sales. These promotional banners include:

  • E-gift vouchers
  • Offers/ deals
  • Deal of the day
  • Offer zone

Other Methods to Promote Your Affiliate Link

1.    Product Review Articles

Review articles is the simplest yet most effective way to get sales via affiliate links. You honestly review different products for users and let them select the best one according to their needs.

2.    Product Tutorials

Most eCommerce websites describe only the product’s material properties. Therefore, users face difficulty in purchasing these products. As a result, they go to product tutorials for help. Hence, you can generate massive commissions via product tutorials.

3.    YouTube Links

In this digital age, many people prefer visual media to learn about products. Therefore, you should make product comparison reviews and product tutorials on YouTube and put links in video descriptions for sales.

4.    Email Marketing

If User shows interest in your products and sign-in for your email list, there is a huge probability that he/she will like your product in the future and make sales. Therefore, you should send automated emails to your subscribers in the future with affiliate links for sales.

5.    Social Media Promotion

How can you ignore social media in any marketing strategy nowadays? It is a very consistent source for driving traffic to your blogs and generating sales. Therefore, you should necessarily place the affiliate links on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Don’t forget Pinterest, as it is a visual platform and helps marketers generate many sales.

Bottom Line

Flipkart is the most loved affiliate program for Indians due to customer trust and massive commission rates. Suppose you are also interested in the Flipkart affiliate program and want guidance about Flipkart affiliate registration, commission rates, affiliate link generation, and promotion. In that case, you should check the above guide compulsorily. As we have discussed all these topics above in a detailed manner.



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