10 Best Free Blogging Tools for beginners

10 Best Free Blogging Tools for beginners

When you are discovering amazing content to share on social media—the type of factor that grabs attention and gets people to click, share, and comment is your own content. In this post article, you will learn and discover the 10 best Free Blogging Tools for beginners that may find helpful for blogging.

One of the crucial, precious, most authentic locations to show is your individual weblog and the content material you personally create.

So the questions turn into: How to create superb content material, the best way to put collectively blogposts strategically and effectively, and the best way to get your content material out to the netizens

Writing tips are a superb place to begin and to complement the words you use to build your blog posts, I’ve discovered an enormous variety of running blog instruments that assist with everything from arising with concepts to unfold the content material far and huge.

May you have a favorite running a blog tool? Read on to see if it’s included right here within the listing, and drop a notice within the feedback with which of them you’re keen on.

Top 10 Free Blogging tools for your blog

Content making and management tools

Quora:- Quora is an amazing platform where people discuss their queries and write answers as per their knowledge and experience in real-time. This is a very unique way of getting the problem resolution with an appropriate solution.

Grammarly:– This is an awesome tool that rectifies your grammar mistakes, sentence construction, plagiarism, and more. This is also a free tool that can be the biggest help for anyone who writes pretty much all day and every day. For blogging, this is a must-use tool so do download this one and make it an extension if possible to use all the time.

Twitter:- This platform can also bring many topics on the table for you to write an article on. Every day, there is a new topic trending that brings out many followers under one roof. All you need is an account and follow your interest in twitter and boom, you will get the topic to decide for writing on your blog.

Tools to Organize your Content

Google Docs:– This is again a free tool that organizes your content for free and you can access it from your Google account anywhere in the world. You can save, edit, and share it with your friends or colleagues. You can create your work and do a lot on this tool.

Dropbox:- This tool can make your life easier if you wish to upload your word document and share it with a link with your viewers. Isn’t it amazing for all those new bloggers, they have all the help they need already available on the internet!

Google Calendar:- You can use google calendar using your Gmail account and make your own To-do list in order to schedule your blogging work.

Compressjpeg:- You can compress images using this tool as much as you want. When you upload any image on your blog then its file size may slow your blog site so it is advisable to compress all images and reduce it to 50-100 kb if possible before using it on your post article. Well, I can say this from my personal experience.

SEO tools for your blog

Google Trends:- Free by Google and you can make the most of it by searching the most trending keyword and knowing its popularity country wise. This is an awesome tool that can help you research the best keywords for your niche.

Ubersuggest:- This tool is from Mr. Neil Patel and it helps you identify the keyword volume, its SEO difficulty, and competitors’ keyword. It is a free and very helpful tool and the first choice of every new blogger.

Yoast Plugin:- If you are using WordPress then install Yoast plugin that does on-page SEO work easy for the bloggers. Even if you do not have WordPress then I would recommend that you download WordPress on your local machine and install a plugin to do your SEO easily.

So, that’s all folks, I am very excited to share this list with you all and trust that you will use the above and make the most of it for your blogging.

Disclaimer! we are not promoting any content here, it is just made for giving better experience to user




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