How to create Backlinks for your blog?

How to create Backlinks for your blog?

Today, you are going to learn what are backlinks, why they are necessary, how one can examine them totally free, and how to create backlinks so let’s begin and understand first what are backlinks?

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links that link to your website from another webpage or site. From the receiving end, these are also known as incoming links or inbound links. And from the linking aspect, they’re known as external links or outbound links. You need a backlink in order to rank on Google and make your article reach to many on search engines.

Why do you need a Backlink? why is it necessary?

You need backlinks in order to get traffic to your website, organic traffic that helps the readers complete their search. Earlier, I used to write articles and stuff all the keywords that are required on Google to rank and publish it.

Additionally, I use to do any directory submission, leave my post URL on any comment, and submit it to forums for backlinks which are nowadays considered as wrong practice as it does not help at all. These above-mentioned strategies are old and you will get a penalty from Google for creating backlinks like this.

These techniques are old fashioned and not considered as the best practice. There are many websites with a good domain authority that provide do-follow backlink but many provide no-follow backlinks. Whenever you will get a do-follow backlink from the website with a good domain authority then it is good practice

Creating backlinks means driving the visitors of the linked website to our website and it is a crucial part of your blogging routine as it will drive you massive traffic if you will learn the art of creating backlinks properly.

How to create Backlinks for your blog?

You can create backlinks in the following ways:-

1. Create a do-follow link

You can use any SEO tool (could be Semrush or Ahref). If you don’t want to buy then go with the Ubersuggest Free tool that helps you find the links of the site that your competitors are referred by.

For this, you will need to write content that is very powerful and useful to readers and it should be relevant to the website that you will request backlink from. For example, you wrote about how to create apple pie then you must create a backlink from the cooking site.

First, you will search on Google about the post that you wrote on. Check the first 10 ten searches and pick their URL’s. Put it into your SEO Ubersuggest tool and check the referring domain along with their domain authority.

Select all the URLs of all the ranking domains with good DA(Domain Authority). Filter the sites with the Do-follow option and write them a nice email requesting to link your post with their site. Prepare an appealing email script requesting that you wrote a very powerful content and would like to be linked to their site.

You can add lines as per your thinking but it should look professional. If they approve then Bingo, you will get your do-follow link.

For all this to happen, ensure your content has the power to give a good impact on readers. In short, it should be worth linking to other websites.

In order to create backlink, you will need to check the following parameters:-

  1. Domain rating
  2. Referring domain
  3. Traffic
  4. Anchor text

2. Guest post

Guest post is the most recommended backlink creating process. After checking the above-mentioned parameters, you can simply request the relevant domain to let you post the article on their site with your site link in it. In this way, you can drive unlimited traffic to your website.

There are sites that let you do free guest posting, for that you will need to do little research, else you can simply draft an email and send the domain owner the request to let you write a brief article with a link for readers to invite them to your site.

3. Broken link

In this one, all you need to do is search for the broken link on the relevant domains page and email them informing that they have a broken link on a particular page. Request them on email if they can replace the broken link with your website link. This backlink method is also included in the most recommended one.

Although, it might look a little time-consuming process but can be done simultaneously when you are creating a do-follow backlink.  This is also a very effective way that can drive millions of traffics to your site so guys, start working on it, and get the backlink in every possible way.

Article Submission on Public platform

Quora – This platform is one of the best sites for answering questions of the people. There are many such platforms and sites where article submission can be done for free for eg., medium digest

On Quora, you can simply search the topics and the questions that are pending to be answered. Reply to the questions in brief along with the link that directs the visitor to your website and if possible, keep the link to your homepage only.

On such a website, you will need to create an account and keep the response in detail and to the point. Don’t spam the visitor with the links as this might lead to suspension of your account. Also, ensure that you respond only to those questions that are related to your niche.

This is one of the best ways to create backlinks as Quora has an awesome Domain authority and it can provide unending traffic to your website or a blog.

Win Backlink- Last but not least, you can win a backlink in case, your content has the power to hold the visitor and make them return to your site or a blog for more. In turn, the visitor will share the link of your website with others. If your content is really useful, then they will even link your site in their post articles.

How to Check Backlinks for your website?

1. Login to your Google Search Console

2. Click on the External links> you will view the number of external sites linking to your website.


All in all, we have understood that creating a backlink is healthy for your site and the best way to get more traffic, no matter you follow any of the above-mentioned techniques. In the end, our ultimate goal is to get discovered by visitors.







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