What is Affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate marketing? Everything you need to know

In this blog, you will learn what is Affiliate marketing and how to make money online from it.

Gone are the days, when people use to sell products in person or probably refer someone for any service. 

Once the purchase was made, the person who refers to the other person used to get some commission for reference as the referee generated a lead for the referee.

The same concept is applicable online on the digital platform as well. Let us dive in to understand the mechanism of this awesome marketing technique.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to promoting a product or service of a seller or a company online through its program in order to generate sales and some percent of commission is earned by the promoter.

For example, In a mall, people visit there quite often so most of the brands have their shops open in that, which is beautifully built and is very famous in that area, so if any person comes to the mall, he gets the access to see plenty of brand shops of both new/old so in this case, the mall is an affiliate and shops are sellers and the visitors are a buyer.

Similarly, if your blog or a Website has a good amount of visitors then you can sign up for such a program and use it to promote their products or service to get a good commission. I hope the concept is clear until now.

When a person signs up for an affiliate program according to his niche. He provides the channel URL or website/blog link to the applicant. The affiliate company verifies the website and runs it through checks and verification.

Once the applicant gets approval then he gets the account along with a unique Id through which he can track sales and the clicks of people who generated sales for the seller due to which the person will get a commission.

An affiliate account is provided to show advertisement in the form of banners or text. If visitors coming to the website makes a purchase through the ads shown on it then some commission is also earned by the promoter.

What are the ways to do Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate means the one who earns some commission on a sale made by the buyer through his reference. This is a completely performance-based method for generating passive income even when you sleep. Do you think it’s a myth, then let me answer you briefly and explain to you the process.

First of all, find the affiliate program website of a product or service related to the topic your website or a blog is about. Once you find the affiliate program of it on their site then sign up for it, if you get approved then you can start making money online from affiliate marketing by doing the following: –

1. Place banners and Widgets 

2. Use Discount coupons for Promotion.

3. Utilize your email marketing

4. Write reviews of the newly launched product or service on your blog

5. Run social Media Campaign

6. Video marketing 

1. Place banners and Widgets from Affiliate programs

In an affiliate program, you get a code to place banners and widgets of the product which you can very place on your website or a blog or any platform where you have a good amount of traffic.

2. Use Discount coupons for Promotion

Generally, the company runs a discount for its customers to attract more sales so you can use their discount coupons to promote their products.

3. Utilize your email marketing

If you have a good network and subscribers to your newsletter then definitely, you have their email addresses which you can very well use to email them for marketing purposes.

4. Write reviews of the newly launched product or service on your blog/website

This is quite the easiest way of promotion. When the new product is about to launch, you can request your seller to access for testing so that you can write reviews and get the attraction of the buyers.

In some cases, very few reviews are seen of any newly launched product which makes it very difficult in making buying decisions so even if you do not get access then you can buy it, test it, and then you can pretty much write about it before circulating the information through your website or a blog.

5. Run campaigns on social media.

If you have a good presence and followers on social media then you can simply run a campaign and ask subscribers to like, follow and share the ad campaign on your post which you can make for promoting your products.

6. video marketing 

Sometimes, it is always good to show the product or service by using it through a video so it is one of the best practices to go live or make a video telling your subscribers and even the public who are new, about the article that you use. Make it simple yet helpful to grab the attention of the buyers.

Seldom, companies that are newly introduced to the market are open to offering attractive commission on a sale to create awareness and volume of customers and affiliates in the market in order to align with their objectives of selling more and creating brand value.

Every business motive is to dominate the market and sell more in order to become brand and create awareness that the article should be of their brand when it comes to buying a particular product or a service, however, the market has a place to accommodate every size of the company and their products if it brings value and adds to the business.


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