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Transform Your Tasks with Axiom AI: Learn to Automate Effortlessly!

Have you ever thought that in the era of Artificial intelligence, you must utilize the tool to minimize the time and maximize the productivity?. In this article, I will uncover the art of seamless automation as I guide you through the transformative power of Axiom AI  Automate tasks effortlessly and revolutionize your workflow!

Embarking on the journey of automation can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the process. We’ll cover setting up a loop within the interact step and demonstrate how to efficiently pass data between different steps using tokens.


In this blog post, we’ll guide you through creating your first automation from scratch using Axiom AI automated steps.

Step by step guide- Axiom Ai automation

Step 1: Getting Started To kick things off, click the green button to create a new automation. Axiom AI provides you with a set of choices, including templates for experimentation or the option to build your automation from the ground up. Click on the “Build from Scratch” option to have full control over your automation.

Step 2: Defining Your Objective Before diving into the automation process, it’s crucial to outline what you want to achieve. In this example, we’ll create a bot that loops through a series of rows in a Google Sheet, visiting different web pages listed in the sheet.

Step 3: Adding Steps To build your automation, start by adding steps. Axiom AI allows you to add steps above or below existing ones.

Key steps to familiarize yourself with include the “Interact” step, which handles web interface interactions, and the “Get Data” steps for data extraction.

Step 4: Reading Data from a Sheet Begin by adding the first step to read from a sheet. Click on “Get Current URL” to specify the Google Sheet’s URL. This step sets the groundwork for obtaining the necessary data.

Step 5: Interacting with Web Pages Next, add the “Interact” step to instruct the bot to visit different URLs. Utilize the “Enter URL” field to input the links. Now, the challenge is to make the bot go through every row and visit each page.

Step 6: Setting Up a Loop Axiom AI simplifies the looping process by recognizing repeating rows in Google Sheets.

Pass a token into the “Interact” step using the “Insert Data” feature. This connects the data from the Google Sheet to the interact step and automatically sets up the loop.

Please refer to this youtube video for video steps:-

Final Words

In this end, building a simple bot with Axiom AI involves adding steps, passing data between them, and setting up loops. Tokens play a crucial role in efficiently passing data, and the platform’s inbuilt looping simplifies the process.

Armed with these fundamental principles, you’re ready to embark on your automation journey with Axiom AI. Best of luck, and we hope you enjoy the seamless automation experience that Axiom AI offers. Thank you for choosing Axiom!

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