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Best monetization app platform list for Mobiles

In this digital era, where mobile application connects and eases user’s issues, it does more than it’s application and design. In this article, you will learn the best monetization app platform list for mobiles.

If you have a game application or sort of study application for starters. Newly built app for your audience then you must monetize it to earn better and you never know, it may become the best source of income later.

Why built a mobile application and how to earn money?

Mobile applications are the fastest and easy to download which makes the work easy and convenient.

To maximize your earnings through an ad network, you must use the best mobile app platform for monetization.

Best Monetization App platform list

Google Admob

This Ad network is specially designed for a mobile application that serves high-performing ads with analytical tools and smart automation tools.

For maximizing your earning revenue, you can sign up for Google Admob and make the most of it. When you visit the homepage, you will get to select the category, region, and Mobile platform to check your estimated earnings once you scroll down

How to create for Google Admob

  1. Login to and sign up using your Gmail account
  2. Click on the check box to agree with the terms and conditions
  3. Click on Create Admob Account

Once you create the account, a confirmation email will be sent to the same Gmail account and some tips to get you started.

Google AdMob’s analytics will help you understand the application’s performance and its impression.

Mo Pub

This is one of the finest app monetization networks that accelerates your earning power with its optimized and automated ads. Mo Pub is a Twitter company that helps application owners and developers monetize their work around the world.

This ad network uses a unified auction-based automation tool that enables high-demand ad inventory to be visible in your application. You can even combine this ad network with your promotion, product selling links inside Thus boosting your revenue the most. Isn’t it amazing?

You can leverage your traffic through this ad network by controlling Top quality ad inventory.

Facebook Audience Network

Facebook audience network is one of the most powerful mobile app monetization networks. Due to its efficiency, automation tool, and strong networking backup, one can easily accelerate its revenue by using this network.

Be it a gaming application or any other application, Facebook builds the audience and its Facebook monetization network advertisers do its bidding in accordance with your application niche. Signing up is as easy as signing up for Facebook’s social networking site.


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