eUKhost Review 2020: Is It Worth Investing?

eUKhost Review 2022: Is It Worth Investing?

Hosting implies where your website resides on the web. You wouldn’t move to a new house without cautiously checking the property was reasonably priced, structurally sound, and huge enough for your family’s needs – would you? So, determining whether eUKhost is the right web hosting for your business should be no different.

If you run a business, getting the best hosting is very vital. Choose a second-rate provider, and it will impact everything from your website speed to your revenue. Your business web hosting must be reliable, reasonably priced, and entail the security certificates needed to offer your users a safe online experience.

eUKhost is one of the popular UK hosting providers, primarily since their servers are based in the nation. It should imply that lightning-fast response times for UK visitors to your website. But, is it truly the right web hosting solution for you?

In this eUKhost review, we’ve covered some of the most vital info about the company, such as eUKhost cPanel login, pricing, features, and much more.

Read below to learn more about eUKhost.

eUKhost Overview

Founded in 2001, eUKhost functions out of Leeds, UK, and datacenters located in Maidenhead, Nottingham, and Wakefield. They host over 15,0000 domains and over 35,000 customers, and they serve numerous public sector firms across the UK.

Their robust infrastructure is built of over 1,200 servers housed in two state-of-the-art datacenters.

eUKhost offers several VPS hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and reseller hosting plans.

Whether you want to commence small and thrive with time or whether you need enterprise-level hosting plans, eUKhost serves the purpose best.

eUKhost Hosting Plans & Pricing

Windows and Linux plans are both accessible at eUKhost.

  • Linux-based shared hosting plans: They come with eUKhost cPanel, and prices begin at $3.33/month, including VAT. Unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain name are incorporated with all shared web hosting plans.
  • Windows-based shared hosting plans: They also begin at $3.33/month, including the Plesk control panel. These plans also include unmetered bandwidth and a free domain name. Unlike Linux-based shared hosting plans, its Advanced plan comes with unlimited disk space as well.
  • Business web hosting plans: They facilitate a Linux and Windows hosting plan, both priced at $16.66/month. Both plans include 100 GB monthly bandwidth and 5 GB disk space. The Linux plan also includes eUKhost cPanel, while the Windows plan includes Plesk.
  • Shared WordPress blog hosting plans: eUKhost WordPress hosting prices are between $3.99/month and $19.00/month. eUKhost WordPress hosting plans include unmetered bandwidth, up to 50 GB disk space, hosting for unlimited email accounts, and blogs.
  • VPS hosting: When it comes to eUKhost VPS, you have the option to pick between Linux and Windows-based VPS plans. Linux VPS plans begin at $12.99 with no VAT, while Windows VPS plans begin at $15.99/month with no VAT. Both categories facilitate Plesk Onyx Admin, and some web hosting plans even incorporate a free eUKhost SSL They are fully managed and entail the option to pick between HHD or SSD storage.
  • Reseller hosting plans: They also come with Windows or Linux OS option, with eUKhost cPanel, SpamExperts, WHM, uptime SLA, and Plesk. Prices begin at $9.99/month.

When it comes to serving enterprise-level sites’ requirements, eUKhost handles through numerous dedicated and cloud hosting packages.

  • Dedicated servers: They are accessible from $69/month, excluding VAT. You can pick between SSD storage or HDD storage, and Windows or Linux based options. The company fully managed dedicated servers.
  • Cloud hosting plans: You can tailor your cloud hosting plan with VMware of Hyper-V Virtualization technologies at eUKhost. Another cloud hosting solution is eNlight Cloud Hosting, and it is an auto-scaling. Rather than being charged for the allocated resources, you’re charged based on actually utilized resources.

What Can Expect from eUKhost?

Our eUKhost review is incomplete without revealing what this web hosting company has to offer you. Well, eUKhost’s web hosting packages facilitate several appealing features addressing a wide client base’s requirement.

Of course, features vary according to your chosen plan. However, below is the quick rundown of the web hosting features accessible at eUKhost.

  • Web hosting packages that cover the needs of individuals, businesses, developers, and public-sector organizations.
  • eUKhost cPanel Linux hosting & Windows Plesk web hosting options.
  • 24X7 live support is available
  • 30-day-money-back guarantee.
  • Free domain name with chosen plans – if you pay for twelve months
  • HDD or SSD storage option
  • Softaculous Auto-Installer
  • Configurable & pay as you go cloud web hosting packages
  • Fully managed servers
  • Up to 100% Uptime SLA
  • Free migration service
  • Reliable backup options
  • Optional FortigateFirewall – incorporates In-Flow Virus Protection and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)

eUKhost Pros and Cons

Let’s now have a quick look at the pros and cons of eUKhost.

Pros – Reasons to Choose eUKhost

  • Outstanding customer support service: Most eUKhost reviews states that they have an outstanding customer support service. With numerous options like eUKhost forum support, online eUKhost live chat, telephone, etc. Therefore, you are certain that you can get your concerns addressed right away. Additionally, there is a eUKhost Status page that states the current status of their services.
  • Daily backups: They have collaborated with R1soft to offer daily backups of its customer’s data. This is vital in scenario data loss encounters. Data recovery will be trouble-free since backups are performed daily.
  • Unlimited domains: eUKhost enables you to choose unlimited domains, even with this most affordable and basic plan.
  • High speed: UK and US visitors’ speed is quite competitive, surpassing the speeds of the finest UK-based web host solutions on the market. It is vital since the US and UK are where most of your web traffic will probably derive from anyway.
  • Free migration: Only some web hosting companies offer free migration, and we’re happy eUKhost is one of them.

Cons – Reasons Not to Choose eUKhost

  • Limited basic plan: Though the basic plan does include unlimited domain purchases and unlimited websites, it’s quite limited when it comes to features. It even doesn’t include any antivirus software. With just 2 GB of storage space, it’s truly not a great choice for beginner websites.
  • Security features cost extra: Though some plans include security-built options or eUKhost SSL, the shared web hosting plans and numerous others don’t include any security traits aside from just a basic spam filter. Therefore, you need to pay extra to get an additional virus and firewall scanner.

The Final Verdict – eUKhost Review

eUKhost can be an alluring choice for ones that need a UK web hosting solution. Their numerous Windows and Linux based hosting packages can serve the needs of small to enterprise-level sites.

Their pay as you go cloud web hosting solution is a nice touch for ones who strive to save on operative expenses. Last but not the least 30-day money-back guarantee and up to 100% Uptime SLA also stimulates trust.



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