HOPPUP MINI Bluetooth Headset  (Black, True Wireless)

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The Hoppup Mini Bluetooth comes with a functional design and lightweight feature that enables you to listen to your favorite music for hours. This headset is equipped with Bluetooth v5.0 technology that allows you to pair up with almost all supported devices. On top of it, it allows you to play music, pause and answer calls by just using your fingertips. Isn’t it great!

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This earbud has got incredibly soft cushion-type ear fitting tips that fit your ears and don’t fall even when you are working out in the gym.


This earbud ensures easy portability, and you will be able to shuffle the music, listen to any podcast or audiobook easily. Its lightweight and ergonomic design enable you to groove to your favourite music while traveling, unlike wired headsets.

Voice Assistance:-

By simply clicking on the button on this earbud, you will be able to inquire about weather temperature or ask Google for directions to your desired destination.

v5.0 Bluetooth Technology at your Fingertips

A very well-equipped earbud with v5.0 Bluetooth technology allows your headset to pair up instantly with the maximum supported devices. Also, this technology enables you to be connected within 10 meters of distance so that you can groove to your favorite music without any disturbance.

This earbud is used by me and I even bought this one for my relative at home at a very cheap price. It is serving the purpose very well as I like to workout in the gym a lot.


This review is completely based on my usage and experience and it contains an affiliate link for you to purchase. Once you buy this product, I will get some commission from it.


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