What is Google Adsense? 100% Approval Tips

What is Google Adsense? Is it really a thing?

In this blog, we will learn about Google Adsense sign up and ultimate approval tips along with the step by step guide so stay with me till the end of this blog.

So, you have started a blog with all relevant keywords which are driving you very decent traffic, and visitors are coming in daily in a good number which sounds really good to me.

Now you thought to monetize it which is, of course, a very well thought and guess what, it is 100% possible to earn from an online trustable source with the help of your own creativity.

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is an online network of advertisers that allows you to show its ads based on the content of the niche you wrote on.

According to the Survey, more than two million people have chosen to sign up with Google AdSense so as to earn online as it is the most reliable source that values original content made from scratch.

Google Adsense is an ideal way of monetizing your blog or a website and it is the coolest thing to see the earning coming from Google AdSense every month. The banner ads and customized pop up ads that you generally see on any blog or site are Google ads.

When the visitor clicks on your ad, you get some commission from the revenue generated that completely depends on the CPC (Cost per click) heavy competition as per the niche you selected which may vary from 0.15 to 20 $. For 1000 impressions, you get some dollar like 00.1 $.

If your website or a blog has a high domain authority and rating then Google might even show the high price ads that can help you earn even more commission. Isn’t it amazing?

Basically, it all depends on your patience and clarity that you put on the content that you intend to write in order to rank on google.

How to sign up for Google Adsense?

All you need to have is a blog or a website with original content, well-structured pages, and images. If your site is just an information delivering website then also it is fine but the content or an article that you will post should be original and not taken from other sites.

Google AdSense crawls the pages and verifies whether it is worth allowing to show ads or not. It checks whether the data that is visible on your site is taken from other sites or not so keep plagiarism in check while writing.

Steps to Sign up for Adsense

  1. Open Google Adsense on your address bar of the browser.
  2. Click on sign up. Enter your website, email and click check on receiving updates from Google
  3. Click on Save and continue
  4. You will receive a code that you need to paste on your website theme Editor between <head> and </head>. That code will crawl and verify your site and accordingly give you the feedback if your site is not approved. If it is approved then you will receive an email with Approval notification from Google AdSense.
  5. If it approved then you can select the way you wish to show ads be it a unit link, display ads, or banner ads.

Google Adsense Approval tips

  1. Create a site with a custom domain
  2. Write original content with focused keywords.
  3. Your content should be of at least 1000 words for direct approval.
  4. Publish a minimum of 15 articles before sending it to Google AdSense for approval
  5. Index your site in Google Search Console formerly known as Google Webmaster and Google Analytics to keep a track of your indexed pages, clicks, and Impression.

1. Create a Site with a custom domain

If you are using a blogger site, then you do not have many options to customize your post SEO wise on blogger however you can select the theme that suits your niche from the free templates, insert images by compressing it to ease the user experience.

It is recommended to use a custom domain if you are working on a niche that requires a dedicated name without any subdomain, unlike Blogspot.

If you are using a free blogger then I would suggest you buy a custom domain from either Google domain or any service provider of your choice as it increases the chance of Google AdSense approval. I am telling you this from my personal experience of using both Blogger with custom domain and WordPress.

2. Write original content with focused keywords

So writing is an art, we all agree on this but writing with focused keywords that drive decent traffic to your site is also art. Can we agree on this too? Google furnishes information to its users based on users’ acceptance and their probability of consuming that content which is relevant to their search.

The content you will write should be your own creativity and not taken from other sites or translated as Google does its checks and verification thoroughly to ensure non-duplication of content online.

If you write the content by doing a good research on focused keywords then your chances of approval become high. I personally recommend you to use the keyword research tool such as sem rush, ahref, etc.

If you wish to use free tools then you can use the following.

a) Ubersuggest

b) Google suggestions

c)  Google Keyword planner

d) Google trends

3) Your content should be of at least 1000 words for direct approval

Google not only checks your creativity and originality of your content but also the characters’ strength. You may have come across many articles telling you that even 500-600 words article is fine to get your AdSense account approved but I would personally recommend you write a minimum of 1000 words to explain your topic that will make your chances to get your Adsense account even higher than expected.

Google gives an opportunity to all new creators, if your article has the potential to reach out to people and make them engaged to your site then Google will encourage you and make your posts rank well.

4) Publish a minimum of 10 articles before sending it to Google AdSense for approval

So, it is always a good practice to post at least 10 original post articles before sending your blog site for approval of Google Adsense. Minimum 10 articles make Google believe that you keep working on your site and shall continue to do so, after all, your hard work will reflect once you get the approval and your site will be up for showing ads from Google.

5) Index your site in Google Search Console formerly known as Google Webmaster and Google Analytics to keep a track of your indexed pages, clicks, and Impression

After you create your blog site, it is a must to link your site with Google Analytics and Google search console to get it indexed on search engines and make it public.

Steps to link your site with Google Search Console and Google Analytics

  1. Open Google search console on your web browser. Login with your Gmail account
  2. 2 options will pop up on the screen. One asking for Domain name and the other for Prefix name. Enter your site URL and add it to the search console.
  3. Submit Sitemap under Index in GSC.
  4. Generally, it takes less than 2 weeks for your site to get indexed but it might take a little longer than expected due to pandemic crisis.
  5. Once it is indexed, then after receiving some traffic to your site you can send it to Google Adsense for approval. Sometimes, even if you have 6 users on the site, AdSense gets approved but the content is what it matters the most.

Steps to Link WordPress site with Google Analytics

  1. Open Google Analytics on your web browser
  2. Login with same Gmail account that was used for GSC (Google Search Console) sign up
  3. Get your tracking code from Google analytics > Admin> create a new property> enter your website URL
  4. Get your tracking code from Tracking info and Copy the code
  5. Next Login to your WordPress. Download GA Google Analytics Plugin and Activate it.
  6. Paste the entire code on Custom code box else just copy the tracking ID which looks like this for eg UA-123456789-1 in GA Tracking ID.
  7. Save the settings.

Steps to link Blogger site with Google Analytics

  1. Sign in to your Blogger 
  2. Click on Settings > Basic> Click on Google Analytics Property Id
  3. Copy/Paste your Google tracking Id that you will obtain from Google analytics account Eg., UA-123456789-1. Follow the same above-mentioned process to get the tracking code.
  4. Click on Save settings.

I personally recommended you wait for a month after getting your site indexed successfully to receive good traffic and then send for the Google Adsense approval process. Meanwhile, you can keep writing articles during that time.

If you follow the above-mentioned tips then your site will successfully be approved for Google Adsense Account.



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