SEO Tips for Blogger site in 2020

Ultimate SEO Tips for Blogger site in 2021

Are you using a blogger? Want to rank your website or a blog on big search engines? If yes, then in this blog, you will find the most effective way to do SEO settings but first, let us quickly understand why it is so necessary for you to rank well. You will learn the Ultimate SEO Tips for Blogger site in 2021

It is necessary because the content, you created is something that is worth sharing, it satisfies readers, you like writing and the best part is that you can earn through it, and for that, you need to do SEO for your blogger very well.  

As we know, the Blogger is a free tool of Google where you can get started with zero investment and create masterpieces on your own by including keywords to create original and valuable content however your effort will have no meaning unless you don’t do Search engine optimization (SEO) settings properly.

All in all, we do SEO settings to drive more traffic to the site so that more people visit your site to learn and you can earn through it. So, without any further explanation, let us quickly learn to optimize your site with below given awesome and ultimate SEO tips for blogger sites.

SEO Tips for Blogger

Keyword research for the SEO blog post and Title

  1. Make your blog post readable by including keywords that explain your post and its title very well. 
  2. Keep your blog post title characters’ strength less than 65 for your readers to understand the crux.

Keep headings such as H1, H2, and H3 

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. Open your post and locate small 3 vertical bars on the toolbar. 
  3. Click on it, you will see a drop-down menu with options such as  Major heading (H1), heading, Subheading (H2), minor heading (H3) and Normal. 
  4. Highlight or select the long description on your post that you wish to make an appropriate heading and then select H1, H2, or H3 as per your post requirement.

For high-quality content creation, you must include heading for readers as it engages and draws visitor’s attention.  It is an easy way to optimize your blog post with the title, sub, and minor headings to make the user experience smooth and easy to comprehend from your blogger settings.

Add images to your blog post to make them searchable

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. Open your blog post. Go to your blog toolbar and Click on the Icon of the Image(once you take your mouse over it, it will show Insert image). 
  3. Upon clicking, a drop-down menu will open with 3 options. Select an image from the options.
  4. Select the image and add it to your post. 
  5. Click on the image you inserted. Click on edit and put the same title and a long description in Alt.
  6. A big file size image file might affect your site page speed so compress and then upload it.

Please note that you should compress every image or a screenshot from any free available tool online such as compress png or before uploading so as to ensure smooth loading of your site. 

By adding the title and description in Alt on your image, you can optimize your images and make your article searchable on the web search engine by image easily. 

Hide unwanted Pages from the search engine (Crawlers and Indexing)

  1. Sign in to Blogger
  2. Go to Settings. Scroll down and Locate Crawlers and Indexing.
  3. First enable custom robot.txt
  4. Enable Custom Robot headers Tags as well
  5. Click on Home page tags and Enable only “all” and “Noodp”
  6. Click on archive and search pages Tags and Enable only “noindex” and “noodp”
  7. Click on posts and pages and Enable  on “all” and “Noodp”

Please note:- Under custom Robot.txt blank space. You need to fill the following in order to become searchable on search engines. 

Update Custom.Robot.txt Settings file under blogger settings

I recommend site for creating a blogger sitemap. I myself used it to get my site indexed on Google search console. This is the most important step

  1. Open the above link.
  2. Enter the URL of your blogger site and copy the content generated and paste it to the Custom.robot.txt blank space in your blogger site under Settings. (See the below image)
  3. For custom domain blogger sites, you can copy/paste the content. You can simply add sitemap.xml after your website URL under Sitemap.
sitemap for blogger
Blogger sitemap creator

Errors and Redirects settings

  1. Click on Custom Redirects and Click add to include deleted or outdated URLs of your post and add the new link of your blogger site.
  2. Click on From and enter the old post link and enter the new post URL in To.
  3. Enter a new blog post site link where you want to redirect your deleted post link to. The link will redirect to your new site link.
  4. Enable Permanent and click Ok.

To obtain your deleted post which is still indexed. Simply copy your site on google search engine (site: or and see the search engine results page.

Note:-This setting is applicable only when you have deleted an outdated or old post that is visible on the search engine and you want to redirect that old post URL to your new post link.

Tips to update Meta descriptions 

  1. Sign in to Blogger. Open Settings and scroll down.
  2. Click on Meta Descriptions and enable it.
  3. Under Search description, write the long description which should include your keyword title also in order to get searched on the web easily.  For example, if your post title is “Cooking guide for New learners” then your meta description should include title keywords as well that describes the content in your post. 
  4. The Meta description should not be more than 150 words and should be attractive to readers.

Internal Linking 

Your site will have more visitors if you have linked one post to another very well internally. If you write about blogger sites in one article and in another article, you wrote about SEO for bloggers then it is a great opportunity to link them internally.

Visitors are always hungry to consume more information if it is relevant to their search. The above-mentioned are some of the Pro SEO tips for your blogger sites.

If it is followed well then you do not need to do any other settings in order to get your existing or newly created site indexed and optimized. Most importantly, your article must be unique and SEO friendly for readers to get found.

It engages the readers and makes them return to your site for any such articles that they are searching and you have written it very well. If all the above steps mentioned above are performed really well then in no time your article will get indexed and start to rank also. 

Blogger does not have any SEO plugin facility unlike WordPress and other open-source customized paid platforms. On blogger, you need to do the above settings along with creating the original and unique article that adds to your site. 

If you want to write a more SEO-friendly and customized article with many options to optimize which is not possible on blogger then I would personally suggest moving to WordPress along with the custom domain.

You can also get a custom domain from google if you like to stay on blogger and don’t want to spend much on hosting. You can see our guide on how to connect a Google custom domain to blogger.

Disclaimer! we are not promoting any content here, it is just made for giving a better experience to the user


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