Is Digital showroom Application useful? Complete review

Is Digital showroom mobile Application useful Review

Nowadays, Apni online Dukaan is the most widely used term during the lockdown. We often get to hear about selling and buying platforms that ease the process and make it much faster with less effort and efficiency however we end up spending money in marketing and creating an online store. Here, comes the mobile application to the rescue but is the Digital showroom mobile application really useful?

Digital showroom app is one of the best applications which you can use for selling your own stuff as well as for others from your mobile. It is a free to download and easy to set up application that is brought to us by Dotpe Private limited.

Their creators have created this app primarily keeping in mind the small traders who like to sell their goods on the digital platform as most of the buyers are available on mobile these days however this app is not limited to small traders.

Any seller can register and open their store/ shop online without having to create any website or a separate application like Amazon or eBay.

Not every buyer continuously works on laptops/desktops so this application is really useful as it bridges the gap between buyer and seller with the link which can be easily shared on WhatsApp application or social media websites.

This concept is basically to empower the small businesses and women who would like to take their homemade talent to the shop online so that they can earn their living independently.

This is a legit way to sell and monetize your talent on a mobile-friendly digital platform.

This application is available on Google play store for Android and Apple store for IOs users.

How to open an account in the Digital showroom?

  1. Download the app from the Google play store
  2. Enter your mobile and verify your account
  3. Update the details such as Company name and complete KYC (if a registered company)


How digital showroom application is useful?

Digital showroom application lets you upload unlimited products and its unique features will let you design your own digital showroom as per the trend and choice.

After completing KYC, your store is ready to upload your products or items. If you are running an online restaurant like any food app then you can even design your digital showroom using its unique features.

Once the page of your digital showroom is ready then you can simply share the link of your store through WhatsApp, social media site, or QR code. It is as simple as selling in the mall. This will cut down your cost of space or any physically well-equipped setup.

After-sales, you can even check the orders taken day-wise to calculate your profit in the end and export it to excel for further scrutiny.

The digital showroom is one of the best and easy ways to promote your shop as well as your own handmade products online and make the buying-selling process very easy and smooth. This application is free to download and does everything that a shopkeeper does offline.

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