Namecheap Hosting Review: All You Need to Know

Namecheap Hosting Review: All You Need to Know

Overview of Namecheap

Most people are aware of Namecheap being a domain registration and management service.  That’s why most Namecheap reviews are all about the Namecheap domain review.  Nevertheless, the company also offers web hosting services. 

Initiated in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall, Namecheap commenced by offering value-priced domains and outstanding customer service. Currently, the company has 3+ million clients and manages 11+ million domains. 

Domains and complete web hosting solution aside, Namecheap offers privacy protection services, SSL certificates, and much more. 

Namecheap believes that an online presence is a necessity for all, therefore the company offers affordable access to all you require to run your website. 

Benefits of Namecheap Hosting

Below is a quick overview of some of the advantages that Namecheap offer for businesses. 

Domain Names: Namecheap boasts an outstanding top-notch domain registration service. They entail the capacity to register 400+ extensions. 

A domain name generation, beast mode available on their site will give you some outstanding names. 

  1. Databases: Their plants come with an outstanding number of databases. In the basic packages, it is witnessed that they allow creating 50 MySQL databases. 
  2. Applications: Namecheap has numerous applications that come in handy to create any project. For instance, EasyWP that lets you install and configure WordPress in a hassle-free manner. They provide the G Suite – set of Google tools and web page creators. 
  3. Storage: The most basic plans come with a minimum of 20 GB of storage. The more expensive shared packages have 50 GB. VPS and dedicated plans offer large storage, which ranges from 40 GB to 1 TB hard drive capacity. 
  4. Transfer: Namecheap offers unmetered bandwidth with their shared hosting packages, so no limit. VPS and dedicated plans have pretty large bandwidths, ranging from 1 IT upwards – making it ideal for an ambitious project. 
  5. Multisite: Namecheap hosting plans have the capacity for storing several websites. The basic plan offers web hosting for up to three domains. All other plans offer unlimited domains. 

      6.Security features: Namecheap offers security tools – Namecheap Cpanel, SSL certificates, Premium DNS, WhoisGuard, Virtual Private Server, and TOTP 2FA. 

  1. Backups: Namecheap backups data on their service every 3 to 7 days.

Namecheap Plans

Here comes the most important aspect of our review. 

1: Shared Hosting Plans

Namecheap offers three shared hosting plans, and below is a quick overview of the three plans with a price on a monthly basis. 

(i) Stellar: C$ 3.83 per month. 

(ii) Stellar Plus: C$6.48 per month

(iii) Stellar Business: C$11.60 per month. 

2: WordPress Hosting Plans

If you’re interested in the Namecheap EasyWP review, then you must know that they offer three plans for WordPress hosting.

(i) EasyWP Starter

(ii) EasyWP Turbo

(iii) EasyWP Supersonic

You can commence at $1. 

3: Reseller Hosting

Want to host dozens of sites or even commence your own hosting company? If so, then Namecheap has three reseller packages and they start at C$25.09 per month. 

4: VPS Hosting

Let’s have a look at the Namecheap VPN review. 

When businesses outgrow shared web hosting, they usually switch to a virtual private server or VPS. Though they are not physical devices, they do offer you a set number of resources. Namecheap has two VPS hosting plans, starting at C$11.80 per month. 

5: Dedicated Hosting

Pick dedicated hosting if you want more security or want to have your own physical server. There are three dedicated hosting packages, starting at $41.88 per month. 

Namecheap Plan Comparison

Below is a quick plan comparison of Namecheap with other popular web hosting services. This will help you figure out whether Namecheap is a better option than others in terms of pricing. 

1.Namecheap VS Bluehost

Both Namecheap and Bluehost offer a wide range of web hosting plans, all with a bit different price points as well as promotional deals. 

The cheapest shared WordPress hosting package, Basic offered by Bluehost is just $2.95. To get an advantage from this deal, you need to register for a 36-month payment plan. 

Once the three-year term expires, this hosting package renews at $7.99 a month. 

On the other hand, the entry-level package of Namecheap is $2.88 per month. Signing up for a year’s contract will make you just pay $1.44 and the plan renews at $2.88. 

With Namecheap, you can go for a month-to-month payment. 

Thus, if you don’t like to pay the full amount upfront, Namecheap is a decent option for you. Both of them provide initial terms that are alike in price. But, Namecheap offers more flexible payment options and much lower renewal prices. 

2.Namecheap Vs Godaddy

Both GoDaddy and Namecheap provide many services to their users, thus it can be challenging to compare apples to apples. So, we’ll compare their monthly price for web hosting. 

(i) Namecheap: from $3.24 per month

(ii) GoDaddy: from $4.99 per month

As you can now see that Namecheap is cheap as compared to GoDaddy.

3.Namecheap Vs A2 hosting

Now, let’s have a look at A2 hosting Vs Namecheap review in terms of pricing. 

(i) A2 hosting: $2.88 – $14.99 a month

(ii) Namecheap: $2.88 – $8.88 a month

 Namecheap entails some of the cheapest web hosting plans available. You should know that Namecheap has costly renewal prices. 

Pros and Cons of Namecheap

Our Namecheap review is incomplete without revealing its key pros and cons. 


Ø Fast, free migrations from other web hosting providers.

Ø Backups on a regular basis.

Ø Cheap domain names available. 

Ø Low prices

Ø cPanel Namecheap-powered website management. 

Ø Detailed support database

Ø Strong uptime – 99.98 percent

Ø No upsells when you register

Ø 30-day money-back guarantee. 


Ø SSL certificates set up are challenging and often need assistance. 

Ø Starter hosting plans have limited email accounts and webspace. 

Ø Customer support requires enhancement. 

Ø Few specialist add-ons or plans. 


That’s it. Here we come to the end of the review of Namecheap. 

Therefore, is Namecheap the right web hosting to pick? Well, if you don’t have extensive hosting demands, then Namecheap is a decent, inexpensive option. 


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