What is the full form of OCR

What is the full form of OCR?

In this article, we will learn about what is the full form of OCR and basically what is OCR which refers to Optical character Recognition. I  will mainly focus on its work and its purpose in the digital platform so let’s get started.

What is OCR?

The full form of OCR is Optical Character Recognition. It is also known as optical text recognition or optical character reader (OCR).

It mainly helps to convert images of documents of a digital camera, or a scanned documents, into recognizable, searchable, and editable data.

The paper is scanned and can be easily readable that is displayed on the screen but for the computer, it is a simple structure or a series of black and white dots which is not recognizable.

OCR enabled the computer to make a soft copy after going through the scanned document and it was developed mainly for this.

It basically scrutinizes and translates the text’s characters of the scanned documents into codes that enable the machine, the text format readable so that it can be converted into electronic soft copy like a Word document.

Which further enables the user to read, search, edit and modify the format. OCR is an Optical character recognition that consists of both hardware and software devices that convert and provides the output of printed or physical documents into a machine-readable format.

OCR’s hardware (a circuit board or optical scanner) reads and copies the character of the text and simultaneously software deals with the machine’s advanced processing.

Advantages of OCR

Some of the advanced software also uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to use enhanced methods to recognize handwriting, language style, and font size.

The physical scanner and the software that is used to interpret the scanner’s input are the most important things that an effective OCR is dependent on. A weak software can undermine a good scanner and vice versa.

The most common type of scanner is Flatbed. Flatbed resembles a photocopy machine as it does scanning by placing pages flat on the scanner’s glass.

The most common type of scanner is the flatbed. Flatbed scanners look and function like photocopy machines, with the scanned pages laid flat on the scanner’s glass.

They usually copy single pages at a time. Advanced scanners have feeding systems to scan large batches of documents without the need for a human operator to switch pages.


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