How to sign up for Cuelinks affiliate program

There are many affiliate programs available online that help you monetize your content. In this post, we will cover how to sign up for the Cuelinks affiliate program and its full review

For those who don’t know about affiliate marketing, let me enlighten you with the fact that Google AdSense is not just the only way to monetize your content.

Affiliate marketing is also the best way as it boosts your income and you can earn unlimited if you work hard on your content and provide value to your users.

What is Cuelinks?

Cuelink is a platform that has many companies on board and it makes a user, an affiliate to many merchants of India and foreign countries brand.

This platform monetizes the traffic of any blog or content on any social media platform.

If you have good traffic coming to your website, blog, or any social media page, you can monetize it by using the Cuelinks affiliate program by placing the ad banners or enabling links in your content of the product or service blog or a website niche.

Cuelinks is a reliable affiliate program that provides many ways to monetize your traffic such as Cuelinks, Cuewidgets, and Cuewords that automatically turns text into affiliate links in the content.

How to sign up for the Cuelinks affiliate program?

To sign up, follow the below process

  1. Fill out the Cuelinks sign up form with your basic details for eg, Name, Mobile number, etc
  2. Enter the channel name, that is from where you are going to drive traffic such as a blog address or a social media page.
  3. A verification email will be sent to your Email Id
  4. Once it is approved then your sign up process is completed

It takes around 24-48 hrs to confirm and for the approval process. Your sign-up is subject to approval.

How to do Cuelinks Login and use its affiliate links

In this one, you will have to search for the products or services according to your niche or content by going to Campaign Explorer.

  1. Login to Cuelinks Dashboard
  2. Go to Campaign Explorer on the left side of the interface
  3. Click on it and search for the product or service. Else you can simply click on View campaigns to view the list.
  4. Select the product or service for promotion
  5. Click on Generate links> click on shorten URL and copy it.

Cue widgets

Cuewidgets are the banner ads that help us to create for any desired category. It is just like Google ads that we can see in rectangular or square shape.

Similarly, we can also make the banner ads of any desired product category given in the list. This is one of the best ways to multiply our income for the topic we are writing about.


Cuewords is the feature introduced by the Cuelinks that automatically converts your article words into links.

This is another feature that can help you multiply your income as it makes it easy for users to purchase

Cuelinks Vs Earn Karo


Earn Karo

Cuelinks is an affiliate program that has a service too for promotion Earn karo is an affiliate program that has only products
Cuelinks has a merchant of broad niches for promotion Earn Karo has got limited merchants
Some Cuelinks affiliate merchant links are Subject to approval for sharing Earn Karo affiliate links are shareable to everyone via WhatsApp or any channel.
Cuelinks lets the user create and shorten the link for its registered merchants Earn Karo app lets you make links to the products that are not even listed in the app
Cuelinks minimum pay-out is Rs 500 EarnKaro application’s minimum pay-out is Rs 10 confirmed profit.

Final Conclusion

Both are equally useful and are unique in their own way. I am using both and making the most use of them.

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