How to Make Passive Income on Amazon

How to make Passive Income on Amazon

In this digital era, the physical market trend is shifting to the online as there are endless ways to earn online, but Amazon has emerged as the most reliable platform for earning online. In this blog post, we will dvelve into how to make passive income on Amazon and what is a passive income actually means.

It is the easiest and comfortable platform which is equally suitable for beginners and experienced.

One of the most helpful uses of Amazon is earning a passive income with little effort only. Yes, apart from an active income, you can also take advantage of passive income from Amazon.

There are various programs that you can choose to earn passive income; what you need to do is, spend a little time and effort in the beginning, streamline things, and bring your programs into function.

In this article, we have stated several ways on how to make passive income on Amazon Before knowing the ways of making passive income, you need to know what exactly passive income is?

So, here you go!

How to Make Passive Income on Amazon
How to Make Passive Income on Amazon

What is a Passive Income?

Passive income is a method of earning that helps you grow and maintain your income by exerting minimal effort.

It is known as a passive income because the earner spends a little effort to earn money, and he learns from a source instead of an employer.

For instance, starting a rental business, selling products, or making a website that generates revenue by ads, etc.

In such cases, an earner works hard today to make the resources for the future that helps to earn passive income without demanding hard work.

Passive income is the best decision because it creates freedom, stability, and security in your professional line. Moreover, this income is the best for those who don’t have enough time and effort to invest; despite this low effort, it significantly builds up your wealth.

How to make Passive Income on Amazon

How to Make Passive Income on Amazon
How to Make Passive Income on Amazon

Amazon is one of the most reliable and efficient platforms to earn a passive income because it takes your little effort initially and makes you earn money for a long way.

Amazon provides you several handy ways to earn passive income; now, it is up to you which method you prefer most.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment by Amazon means most of the work such as packing and shipping of the products is done for you by Amazon. You just have to choose the products; Amazon will provide you the labels and tell you where to ship your products.

FMB enables you to generate as much passive income as you want, without any limitation.

Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)

FBM makes Amazon sellers control the shipping process; in this way, the company directly sends the products to the buyers instead of paying the cost and commission to the warehouse.

Retail Arbitrage

You have to find products in retail stores for discounts. Then you can throw these products on Amazon for profit. Retail arbitrage is time taking because the process of finding discounted products requires time.


Drop-shipping means having a notable amount of products in very little time. You don’t need to see any product even for once to make money. It is famous because you can do your business without seeing or touching the products, according to your comfort zone.

It’s not completely passive because you have to check your business on a daily basis.


It is a process in which you approach the suppliers to supply the product you want to sell. You get the products at a discount, but you can sell these on Amazon according to the retail price.

Private Label

It is when you take someone else’s product, and you just put your label on that.  You have to just worry about the sales of the products, and others are about the production of the products.

Create and Sell your Products

This is one of the complicated and time-taking businesses to create and sell your products. As you can ask someone to make any product for you and ship it, and after that, you can enlist your unique products on Amazon.

The procedure is straightforward to understand and follow.

  • It is essential to find a unique product to sell; you need to use research tools to figure out which product or service is on the trend.
  • The product sourcing is also significant; thus, you need to source your products from online manufactures, marketplaces or wholesalers, etc.
  • You can use keyword tools for optimizing your product lists for Amazon SEO.
  • Further, you can use Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) to fulfill your orders.

Once everything is settled, then it will be a business with passive income, minimal effort, and no stress. Such kinds of small businesses by using the Amazon platform are enormously helpful as you can earn ample profit without doing much.

Amazon Associates

You can also earn money passively through Amazon Associates by promoting any of the products. Let’s suppose you have your blog, and you have given a link of an Amazon’s product; when someone clicks on that link or makes a purchase through your given link, then you’ll get the commission of that.

Amazon Stock

Likewise, Amazon stock also demands investment; it is one of the great ways of passive income. You just have to buy Amazon’s stock; it’ll lead you to long-term passive income.

MORE TIPS: How to Make Passive Income?

Here we will talk about some more ways to earn passive income, it is up to you to choose methods more suitable to you.

Start a Blog or a Website

Websites help you produce a passive income by generating ads; the number of people who will click on the ad will increase your revenue.

Further, you can also write blogs on your website to make them rank, bring traffic to the page, and earn a handsome revenue for you.

How to start blogging?

You can create pages on your website with high-ranking keywords. Formerly, if just one page starts producing traffic, then this is the time for you to monetize your website through affiliate marketing or ads.

Regarding this, you also have the idea to produce your products and promote them on your site. After putting your keywords in your articles, promote your work on a social media platform and through link building, etc.

Page ranking on Google takes time, but don’t look for an immediate result. You just need a few pages to rank to produce a handsome income. But it is suggested to post consistently on your website because it will help you get more traffic.

Write an EBook

In the past, writing or publishing a book was challenging as it took a lot more time, effort, and budget, but today, Amazon has made it simple. You can write and publish your books and even make active and passive money from them.

Amazon is a platform that permits you to promote your books without the need of any larger publisher.

You have two choices for writing your ebook.

1.      Fiction

To write a fictional book requires creative skills, and practice takes time. A good fiction book can be an excellent way of handsome income. To attract an audience towards fiction writing is quite challenging; if you are not good at creative writing, you should stick to non-fiction.

2.     Non-Fiction

These kinds of e-books are easy to write, and you can promote them easily, too. But these e-books do not give you as much profit as you get from fictional books. Still, these books can become a source of making a good income.

Moreover, it also included costs such as paying people for editing, formatting and designing the back cover of your ebook. This is a low-paid source of passive income, but a good and famous book can be profitable.

To earn passive income from these books, you can add advertisements to your blog, so as the visitor will click on the ad or the advertising link, you will get paid for this.

Create an Online Course

Online courses are a famous way of making income because lots of people search for courses on different skills. The gratefulness of the internet has made it easy to post and create courses, and it has also made it the largest platform for passive income.

First, you need to choose the topic for your course. Further, you require two things;

  • First, you must have experience and lots of knowledge regarding that particular skill.
  • Second, your topic should be unique, but people are interested and attracted to your course. You need enough people to make money from it.

This course can be in any form, like in videos, audio, and PDF files. Courses in video form are more popular because people can watch them easily. As everyone has a smartphone, you can make videos and edit them easily.

Once you have published your course and have numerous people following you to promote this course on your website, you can upload these videos of courses on YouTube and can also post-course on such websites as Udemy to give out your material.

This way of making income money costs you a little money, but it takes time.

Real Estate

Through this way of making passive income, you can easily earn hundreds and thousands of dollars. But this is not entirely passive; there are other issues, and you have to manage the repairs and maintenance issues that you have to face in the future.

This idea requires a high level of investment, and not everyone has this much money to buy real estate. If you have a shortage of money, then you cannot go for this. It also includes risks because of the economic downs that can cause to decrease the value of your property, and you can face a huge loss.

Ones who can afford real estate can be a source of long-term passive income for them.


Everyone wants to enjoy the holiday, sound sleep, and a leisure routine, but these activities can badly affect our earnings. Yet, there is another way, passive income, that lets you enjoy your routine and also exceed your income by putting in a little effort, only in the beginning.

Therefore, in this article, we have briefed you on how to make passive income on Amazon.

You can also follow any of the methods and take the initiative for passive income; though it is a slow process, yet in the end, it pays off.

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