What are CPC CTR and RPM in Google Adsense

What are CPC CTR and RPM in Google Adsense

If you ever thought to monetize your website or a blog then online ad network is the best way to monetize your content plus it paves the way to showcase your creativity. In this post, you will learn the acronyms what are CPC, CTR, and RPM in Google Adsense in detail to understand it better.

Online earning is in fashion ever since pandemic has broken out and why not? we never thought of getting to know various ways to earn online that can fetch us even more revenue or money than our regular income if you apply the learned method in the correct way with patience.

Lets quick dive into the details of these acronyms and understand. These are basic terms related to Ad network which are paid to the publisher who chooses to monetize his content.

What are CPC, CTR, and RPM in Google Adsense?

CPC stands for Cost per click. Keyword cost is basically decided by the advertiser and the number of clicks that keyword gets is multiplied by the cost of a keyword is known as Cost per click. For example, your Number of clicks is 100 and the cost of the keyword is 0.2$ then 100 multiplied by 0.2 = 20$ is your earnings.

Cost per click is calculated on the basis of 2 reasons. First, what keyword, the visitor entered to view your blog and second for what reason your blog or a website is viewed.

In countries like England, United States, and UK where the CPC is high and in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, and other small countries, CPC is a little low as per Google Adsense or ad network as the click guidelines disobedience is observed more.

To prevent this Cost per click is decided by the advertisers and they bid on it and accordingly pay to the publishers via an ad network.

Ad Impression

Ad impression means visitor comes on your page and if you have 5 ads and views all of them on that page then he leaves ad impression. It simply means the number of times, the ad is viewed by the visitor on your site page.


CTR is a click-through rate that is calculated as clicks divided by Impressions. For example, if you got 10 clicks on your ad displayed and have 1000 Ad impressions then CTR will be calculated as 10/1000= 10%

Due to a lot of click tampering and frauds, it is recommended to keep the CTR below 10%.


Earnings are calculated based on thousand page views so that means  CPC x CTR x 1000 page views. For example, if your CPC is 0.5$ and CTR is 2% and page views are 1000 then 0.5×0.2×1000= 10$

This is how you will calculate your earnings in the ad network.

What is RPM?

Revenue per thousand impressions means RPM  is done by calculating the estimated earnings divided by the number of page views multiplied by 1000. Means if you have earned an estimated of 0.12$ from 25 page views then your RPM is equal to (0.12$/25)/1000= 4.8$

If you boost your ads by simply going for a paid method then your CTR might increase which is not recommended as it may lead to suspension of Google AdSense account so it is advisable to keep the organic traffic mode on.

Stuff good keyword, Do good SEO and use all trustable ways to boost your content to earn from Adsense.

Now, I hope you have learned about the terms used in Google Adsense for calculating earnings on that platform.


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