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Paytm vs Google Pay which one is better?

Paytm vs Google Pay, which one is better? this is the most searchable question that comes to my mind when I try to make a purchase online/offline or transfer money to someone. Let us first understand both one by one.

Paytm is an internet-based application that enables us to purchase, recharge, and pay bills online. It is one of the popular wallets that is often linked with many online shopping applications and websites that ease the process of buying.

Nowadays, we are so used to digital payment and most of the shops also have enabled this facility to make online payment as one of the options for making purchases. Also, Paytm is a full-fledged bank with its Debit card and UPI money transfer and receiving facility.

It has also got its own e-commerce platform called Paytm mall just like Flipkart where buyers can buy things online using their own account. 

Paytm vs Google Pay which one is better?

Let us first understand about Paytm. After its Launch, Paytm has introduced many options to enable us to do every possible transaction that can be done without having someone to deposit the amount in order to pay someone.

It has its own bank with fixed deposit facility, UPI transfer, online Demat trading account facility, free credit check, and many more. In the race of wallet money applications. Paytm has gone beyond expectation as far as security and trading is concerned. 

Its UPI facility is fast, secure, and safe plus the e-commerce platform has enabled the user to buy things with more convenience However we do know that Google pay has also exceeded our expectations.

It did meet with our expectations in every possible aspect, unlike many other newly launched applications.

When UPI was introduced, it was believed that money transactions were not safe in such a way but now, Google pay has cleared all that thinking and made it so safe and secure that it has also become the option for the people to believe in.

This app was developed by Google developers and launched in 2017 by the name Tez app which was later rebranded as Google pay. The most fastest and secure way to transfer the amount easily is through a four-digit UPI pin. 

All you have to do is link your account with Gpay using your phone number that is registered with the bank and after some verification within 5 mins, your app is ready for transaction digitally. Its function and interface are so user friendly that anyone can use it with convenience. 

How to download the Google pay app on your mobile?

  1. To use Google Pay on your mobile device, all you have to do is download the app from Playstore.
  2. Enter the mobile number and select the bank linked with your number from the drop-down menu list that you wish to link with GPay.
  3. Press Continue
  4. Once the process starts, verification will begin and a message will be sent from your phone to the server to connect with the GPay app. (For that, you will need to grant permission in-app)
  5. Next, you will need to set UPI Pin and create a UPI id for the transaction.
  6. Google pay setup is successfully done.

At this moment, GPay is used primarily for only money transfer and bill payment. You can earn rewards, check balances, add multiple accounts, and add people to make the payment so this is by far one of the convenient ways to transact without having to keep hard cash in your pocket. 

Now, the  reach of wallet payments and easy transfer is acceptable by almost every vendor hence the choice is completely yours whether to choose GPay or Paytm app for your transaction-related activity although both are an equally safe and secure method to get your work done.

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