What is AMP Website and its significance?

What is AMP Website and its significance?

In this post, I will talk about the significance of AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) of the website in the Digital world. What is AMP Website and Its significance?

To start off, the AMP project is a Google initiative and an open-source project that anyone can contribute to and utilize.

What’s important to know is that Google’s core mission is to organize the world’s information and make it accessible to everyone globally.

What is the AMP Website?

In order to fulfill the mission that web needs to be maintained as a healthy and thriving open access system, Accelerated mobile pages provide fast loading and quick response on mobile devices as we know the web today is much different than what it used to be.

The web used to be a series of destinations that users remembered and returned to often something we can refer to as the “Destination Era” for example going straight to www.quickmindblogger.com to access social media how to’s.

Now as times have changed, internet users are more frequently accessing content through an intermediary such as social media, chat apps, and of course search engines.

We can refer to this as the social media how to’s as opposed to heading straight to specific websites, we will – for example; Open up Google search and type in the specific information we seek and then land on the destination site.

What are the AMP Website and its significance? IN this case, www.quickmindblogger.com Additionally, we’re more frequently accessing content via our mobile devices which provide a drastically different user experience than a large desktop screen with a keyboard and a mouse.

Not to mention 60% of the mobile devices worldwide are operating on 2G networks and the devices themselves are generally not as powerful as most computers.

Google’s answer to this Social media how to’s and the shift to mobile is the AMP project So what is amp exactly?

Google’s own definition is that AMP is an open-source web development framework that acts as a web component library and acquisition system So that developers can easily build reliably fast websites with excellent user experience.

AMP HTML is a subset of classical HTML that has been designed to address modern web challenges.

It enables publishers to build their websites with seamless navigational capabilities, increased speed, reliability, security, user privacy, and discoverability.

AMP pages are hosted in the AMP cache allowing them to load in 1 second or less Because they only load resources that are lightweight and resources that are above the fold & user-visible.

When conducting the search AMP pages are labeled with the AMP logo and show up in Search Results or Rich Cards which allows them to appear at the top of the page letting users know that they’re reliable and fast-loading.

AMP has its own privacy preserved pre-rendering which protects users because prefetched requests go to the AMP cache.

On regular pages, the creator can set a cookie and later use it to target ads at that user even though the user never actually went to their page.

With AMP Prefetched requests go to the AMP cache. So page owners won’t be able to set cookies before a user expresses their interest Every AMP page must go through the AMP validator. This ensures that an embedded page is verified.

AMP and has no security vulnerabilities. This is beneficial for content creators content hosts and users alike.

Even most of the blog templates are also AMP friendly and there are many plugins available in WordPress to make your site AMP enabled for awesome user experience.

Disclaimer! we are not promoting any content here, it is just made for giving better experience to user

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