How to create free blog on Blogger stepwise

How to create free blog on Blogger stepwise

Blogger is a free and popular tool that came into its existence when Google bought it in 2003 to enable the user to write their experiences, thoughts, and any literature in their own words for free on a digital platform. In this post, you will learn how to create free blog on Blogger stepwise so let’s begin

Blogger lets you post articles, responses, and many updates as per your knowledge and niche that you chose as per your proficiency.

You can make changes, design, and do the SEO just like a paid professional blog but like every free platform, it does have its own limitation.

To overcome such a limitation, it is highly recommended to move to WordPress in case, you don’t want to stay within limitation and write with more efficiency and tools that cannot be seen in blogger, however, it is good to begin on blogger and leverage the source for your earning as well.

What is a Blog?

A Blog is a web page where the writers display their thoughts, findings, literature using their own words. Earlier, blogs were only used for information purposes but nowadays, blogs have become the best source of earning as well.

People post various information and help others to comprehend various topics.

The post can also be on unique responses to technical and various other issues that people generally encounter in day to day life.

If they do not find a solution anywhere so while searching online, the solution sometimes is found on various blogs.

The blog can be on any topic, genre, and niche. It depends on what information you are proficient in.

A Blogger is the one who publishes his or her findings or thoughts about the topic, he or she is very well aware of, So what you are waiting for, start your own blog soon by learning from this blog.

What is a Blogger? was bought in 2003 by Google to let the writers publish articles for free without having to pay for the blog hosting and other necessary tools. You can post anything that is encouraging and inspiring the readers.

It is the simplest way of conveying your ideas and thoughts through words and keeping your readers satisfied and engaged. 

Earlier, we used to think of a website where a good amount of space was provided that didn’t meet with the reader’s expectation as all the posts and articles were displayed on one page.

It used to make the user experience quite confusing and messy but as the technology has evolved and so the digital platforms also came up with many solutions as far as interface is concerned. 

Blogger is one of the free tools of Google which allows you to publish your own articles and posts even using a custom domain owned by you.

You can forward your blog to another web hosting server via DNS settings. If you only wish to own your domain then you can also buy one from Google domain.

How to create a free blog on Blogger?

In order to login to Blogger, you must sign in to your google account. You can create multiple blogs under the sub-domain of It allows you to create multiple blogs whether you want to share your knowledge, any sort of experience, Thoughts, Ideas, etc.

This platform allows you to publish it for free so all you need is a Google account or a Gmail account. Blogger offers templates to suit your blog content and settings to match with google guidelines.

After you write a blog post, you must do Search Engine optimization in order to reach out to the targeted readers. Soon after you log in to your Google account, follow the below steps:-

  1. Open a new tab and enter or in the URL bar
  2. You will be asked sign into your Google account
  3. Once logged in, you will be asked to create a blog
  4. You can choose your niche name and get started with posting articles

How to do SEO settings in Blogger?

 It is of utmost importance to do SEO settings in order to allow visitors to check your website for the information that you published. The innovation you have made in your writing must be visible to everyone who has a keen interest in the topic that you have posted.

To make it more appealing and reachable, SEO setting is needed to drive potential readers to your blog. For this, you must do the following

  1. Write the Title of the blog which should be  50 characters long-tail targeted keywords. For eg, if your targeted keyword is How to create a free blog? Then your title, for example, can be “How to create a free blog by using blogger in 2020” 
  2. Write the description of the blog which should be to the point and have a  strength of a maximum of 150 words.
  3. Use Labels and permalink that is precise.
  4. Enable Visible to Search Engines under Privacy
  5. Enable no follow to external links
  6. Make sure you have enabled the Redirect domain in case you have bought a new domain else, let it be as it is if it is a subdomain
  7. Enabled https so if anybody tries to search your domain by entering the only HTTP then they are directed to https which means secure server.
  8. Set your timezone as per your country
  9. Enable Meta description and write a precise Search Description for your blog

Blogspot SEO is successfully covered in detail so click here to optimize your blogger site or a blog. Learn from an experienced blogger.

Disclaimer! we are not promoting any content here, it is just made for giving better experience to user



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