What is Domain Authority (DA) in SEO?

What is Domain Authority (DA) in SEO

Hello friends, in the digital world, it is difficult for your site to earn the authority to rank good in the eyes of search engines but there is a mechanism or SEO workflow that can enable your site to reach that level. You will learn the same from this post article about What is Domain Authority (DA) in SEO?

First of all, let me know make it very clear that Google has nothing to do with your domain authority. It only checks the uniqueness that content has to offer which ultimately meets the user’s search on the internet.

What are DA and PA in SEO?

Coming to the acronyms that what are DA and PA in SEO?  DA stands for Domain Authority and PA stands for Page Authority.

Domain Authority deals with the domain score or a website score of your site and Page authority is measured or evaluated on the basis of the Individual page ranking.

DA and PA are not the terms of Google. It is developed by Moz (Saas Company) to evaluate the ranking score of any website’s domain authority

What is Domain Authority?

The domain name is a website name only so Moz evaluates the website score between  1 to 100 on the basis of many factors.

The higher the website scores, the more your website will go up and visible on the search engine results, ultimately making it rank on the Google search page is known as Domain Authority.

For Newbies or anyone, gaining domain authority is as difficult as posting articles daily. Despite many unique articles and best SEO practice off-page and On-page. It is difficult to reach that level where your competitors have reached.

To calculate any website’s domain authority, download the extension of the Moz tool as it determines over 50 factors such as backlinks, root domains, unique content, and many more.

Websites with a high quality of backlinks and outgoing links like the Quora site can have a high domain authority score. Sites with 2 or no incoming links will have a domain score of 1.

Creating a website might be easy for you but reaching the competitor’s level is a heck of a task. All you need is a consistency in your writing and Good SEO both on-page and off-page.

If you are delivering information or posting articles on a regular basis then you must be thinking that when will you be able to see your domain score.

You have done your SEO right, created high-quality backlinks, written unique content, etc. In short, tried everything right but unable to see your domain score.

As mentioned earlier, Moz runs your blog or a website through various parameters and factors that finally decide your domain score.

How do you increase your domain authority?

In order to increase or improve your domain authority. There is no set mantra for it however your effort will definitely prove to be a significant source to achieve domain authority.

As a beginner, your goal should not be just to rank on the first page but to compete with your rivals who have done the same things that you might probably start to do it now.

Following are some important  out of many that can improve your domain authority

Internal links

Have you visited the Quora website lately? This website is a question and answer platform that sometimes links one post to another Thus linking the questions answer with each other and creating internal links.

Removal of Broken links:-

If your blog or a site is having a broken link then it must be removed as it gives a user a bad experience of the page that has no content ultimately, losing the user’s trust on your site.

If you are using WordPress then you must install the plugin of Broken link checker or Redirection in order to prevent the broken links that may arise on your site.

Earn more links to your site

If you wrote good articles then it is a must for you to create or earn good quality backlinks. Like every movie with a good story needs promotion and an audience to reach out.

Similarly, your blog too needs a reach or the place where you can find an audience to connect with.

You can link with the websites that have a high domain authority score and also do a guest post. It is always a good practice to create backlinks but instead of linking unnecessary to plenty of websites.

The Good Loading speed of your site

You must ensure that your website loads as quickly as possible. I have mentioned this factor in my list as even now Google considers this as an important factor officially.

For eg, If you have lots of images on your blog site then you must ensure that you have compressed all that images before uploading to your blog site.

There are many WordPress Cache and image resize plugins that you can use. Also, you can use the best WordPress hosting for your site to be up and running.

Your site must load within 3 secs as part of your User experience. It is also counted as an important part of evaluating your website domain score.

Use of Social Media for Promoting

You can use social media sites for promoting your content however it is still a debatable question whether to promote your site content on social media can be a factor or not.

Social media promotion does boost your content and creates an audience for your information delivery through post articles, eventually contributing to improving your blog site domain authority.

Social media does help in providing targeted audiences if your content stands out to meet the user’s expectations.

And if it does, then your blog will surely be shared on social media which you can monitor that ultimately, improves your domain score.

The very best example is Quora. It has a social media presence and a good domain score

How to Check your domain score?

In order to check the domain score, you must use the Moz tool website. You can even download the chrome extension of the Moz tool for checking your competitor’s domain score.

These days, many SEO tools have enabled the service to check the domain authority and other relevant information.

However, Moz is a free tool and quick to use if you have enabled the extension in your Chrome Browser.

Final Thoughts

Domain Authority and Page Authority is just a trust-building factor for the user and sooner or later, you never know when DA and PA links can become one of Google’s factor too.

At present, the only thing that matters more is your content and proper SEO. If you have done all the above things, your website will automatically rank in some time on Google with a good domain score.








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